About Scott
Scott grew up in the Pasadena area. His favorite childhood memories are when his family would have a barbeque and hang out around the pool. Scott learned about taking care of a swimming pool by being in his daddy’s shadow. His dad owed his own above ground pool company when he was growing up. He would go to work with him and ask a thousand “why” questions. You know the kind. The ones your own children ask and you just want them to be quiet for awhile.

When Scott was twenty-five years old he was so excited to open the paper and see the want ad for a sales associate for an above ground pool store. It was what he had always wanted to do. He applied and won the job. His wife did not realize until later what that little job would do for their family.

Scott worked hard and learned every aspect of the business. Not just on making a sale about the products, which materials were best and the science of keeping the water of a pool crystal clear. Scott would go out with installers so he could understand every aspect of the job. There were numerous times that he would leave the store to go help out a customer with a problem instead of sending them to the company’s service department. What keeps a customer coming back? Customer service! His initiative and hard work paid off. He worked his way up from sales associate, manager, district manager, to senior vice president.
Being the senior vice president did one thing that Scott did not expect. It took him away from his customers. Scott loves his customers. He needs the interaction; he wants to be out in the store. The only way Scott could move up and run the company was to become an owner. Boy was his customers happy! His hands were no longer tied to follow a large company’s goal of sell, sell, sell. He no longer had to drop the customer after the sale. Because Scott knows that customer service is important he looks for manufacturers with the same goals. That is why he chose to be a Vogue and Jacuzzi dealer.

Scott is a community man. He is very involved with community outreach. He donates every year to the Down Syndrome of Houston Association. He has also worked with the Make a Wish foundation. He also supports the youth in his church by supporting the “Youth Explosion” held in Deer Park

So just remember parents all those “Why” questions you are tired of answering, could be the start of a childhood dream.

Thanks to my family for standing by me in my dreams.


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