Above Ground Pool Installation

Painting down radius of pool on the ground.

Cutting out sod using a sod cutter.

Rremoving sod and dirt from pool area.

Leveling down ground using sod cutter.

Painting down radius on dirt.

Adding jointer plates to hold bottom track.

Adding tracks to jointer plates.

Adding blocks under jointer plates.

Leveling blocks to ground level.

Leveling with digital transit.

Setting radius of pool.

Leveling ground with sand.

Adding polymer bottom to prevent nut grass from puncturing liner.

Packing sand over heavy polymer bottom.

Final packing of sand with roller.

Rolling wall into track of pool.

Connecting wall joint with our double bar system.

Adding 4' custom made cove to pool for perfection.

Adding custom fitted inground quality liner to pool.

Adding jointer and tracks to pool.

Adding top seats. (rails)

Adding top caps to pool.

Completion of filtration.

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